Orient Trade aims to achieve stable growth and to create strong global brands having international presence in the paint and food industries that make up its core businesses, while increasing profitability and enhancing productivity in all business units with strict commitment to our responsibilities.

We are passionately devoted to our business and our brands. The core values of Orient Trade are spelled out below:

- Respecting social, political and cultural values in every geography we operate
- Complying with laws and ethical rules, and achieving transparency in business conduct
- Producing value by upholding creativity and innovation
- Being an exemplary company attaching importance to corporate social responsibility projects
- According importance to the protection of, and creating informed awareness among, consumers, giving the foreground to integration with customers
- Enhancing the consumers’ quality of life through healthy, reliable and innovative products and services
- Maintaining a balance between the long term and short term approaches, with keen consideration of the interests of our shareholders, employees, consumers and business partners throughout the strategic decision-making process
- Constantly sharpening competitive edge, drawing on competent human resource and an organizational structure incorporating corporate governance principles
- Undertaking manufacturing activities within the scope of total quality philosophy based on an approach caring for the environment and the nature
- Contributing to shape a better future than the present in environmental, social and economic terms